Round 5 Results
Riddell 21.12.138 Def Wallan 9.8.62
Riddell 7.2.44 Def by Wallan 12.11.83
Under 19.5`s
Riddell 8.12.60 Def Wallan 5.7.42
Club 18`s
Yarraville 4.9.33 Def by Wallan 8.6.54

Women`s Football
Wallan V Laurimar Play Sunday

A grade
Riddell 47 Def by Wallan 50
B grade
Riddell 21 Def by Wallan 41
C Grade
Riddell 24 Def by Wallan 28
Riddell 27 Def by Wallan 34

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Round 5 Results

A Grade

Riddell 47 Defeated by Wallan 50

Goals: Chloe Meulenmeesters 30, Matilda Lethlean 20

Best Players: Matilda Lethlean, Georgia Bowkett, Gemma Grimmond

Our A grade team finished out the day with another win under their belts and making it a clean sweep for all our netball teams. Although the lead was ours all of the game minus the first five minutes the margin was never consistent. We settled quicker into the game today than previously meaning that we were able to fire and work our way down the court with patience and precision allowing Chloe and Til in goal to convert and reward out hard working defenders. Each player worked hard today for the full four quarters with many players taking knocks and tumbles, special mention goes to Gem who spent more than her fair share of time on the ground.   We look forward to the interleague bye to give our bodies a rest and will come out firing again in two week`s time. Today we walked away with a 3 goal win and were able to pull it together in the last quarter when we were being challenged which is a huge positive to take into the bye week.


1 Rupertswood FNC 5 20
2 Macedon FNC 5 16
3 Wallan FNC 5 16
4 Romsey FNC 4 12
5 Rockbank FNC 5 12
6 Diggers Rest FNC 5 10
7 Melton Centrals FNC 4 10
8 Riddell FNC 4 10
9 Woodend Hesket FNC 4 10
10 Broadford FNC 4 4
11 Lancefield FNC 5 0

B Grade

Riddell`s Creek 21 Defeated by Wallan 41

Goals: Tayla ODonnell 23, Sophie Gould 18

Best Players: Sophie Gould, Maggie Finnerty, Abbey Tomkinson

Ready and fired up our B grade girls hit the court determined to show us how it’s done and in the end the score reflected this coming away with a 20 goal win against Riddell`s Creek. The whole game the girls kept the intensity up not slacking knowing they had the margin which worked in our favour as each quarter we extended the lead to boost our percentage. The goalers who together only missed a small margin of goals worked their leads and holds to create ease of transition into the ring for our midcourt players. Defence which as always was lead strong by co-captain Trinity who created numerous turnovers as did Erin and our junior superstar Maggie who was able to get her hands to so much ball and scored herself several intercepts. Loz and Abbey created a strong team for the first half and when Danika entered the game she was able to prove the fresh legs with run and direction in the attacking end. Next week we give our bodies the time to rest and recover from the start of the season with the interleague bye upon us already.


1 Rupertswood FNC 5 20
2 Romsey FNC 4 16
3 Melton Centrals FNC 4 16
4 Macedon FNC 5 12
5 Wallan FNC 5 12
6 Rockbank FNC 5 12
7 Riddell FNC 4 12
8 Diggers Rest FNC 5 8
9 Woodend Hesket FNC 4 8
10 Broadford FNC 4 4
11 Lancefield FNC 5 0

C Grade

Riddell`s Creek 24 Defeated by Wallan 28

Goals: Alysha Shepard 20, Rachael Lawton 6, Brittany O’Connor 2

Best Players: Alysha Shepard, Daisha Collins, Rachael Lawton

Taking on Riddell`s Creek who we knew have been going along in the season similar to us we wanted to come out and be ready to play from the first whistle and this is exactly what we did getting a jump on Riddell`s Creek  which in the end came in useful. After the first quarter having shut them down to only one goal we needed to continue the intensity for the remainder on the game. Coming into the last quarter we had the margin by five goals this quarter was a high scoring one for both teams we had to dig deep and find the extra bit of will power from inside to come away with the win. The girls should feel extremely proud of themselves for creating such a strong lead and then holding onto it and extending it regularly. We have so much potential when it all comes together girls and getting to training as a team to only going to strengthen us and help build those connections throughout the court.  We also welcomed Rachel to the team who slotted in and played both goals and defence as if she had been with us all season. Enjoy the rest over the inter league bye weekend and let`s fire up to go again and get another win next to our names.


1 Macedon FNC 5 20
2 Melton Centrals FNC 4 16
3 Rupertswood FNC 5 16
4 Diggers Rest FNC 5 14
5 Woodend Hesket FNC 4 12
6 Broadford FNC 4 12
7 Wallan FNC 5 10
8 Romsey FNC 4 8
9 Riddell FNC 4 8
10 Rockbank FNC 5 4
11 Lancefield FNC 5 0

Under 19s
Riddell`s Creek 27 Defeated by Wallan 34

Goals: Emma Grech 15, Maggie Briggs 9, Zoe Phillips 5

Best Players: Georgia Stevenson, Maggie Briggs, Chrissy Finnerty


We knew that Riddell`s Creek were going to challenge us today and they did. Again, we had good moments in the game where we time our leads perfectly, created pressure in the centre and scored goals off turnovers. We linked up the court well and connected in the goal ring- but it took most of the game to develop momentum and give ourselves a good lead. Credit to Riddell who fought back hard each quarter. It was great to have Chrissy step on court for her first game of the season after returning from injury. Today highlighted some areas for us to work on so we will use the next two weeks to prepare ourselves for a tough game against Macedon who ended our finals campaign last year.


1 Woodend Hesket FNC 3 20
2 Rupertswood FNC 4 16
3 Melton Centrals FNC 2 16
4 Wallan FNC 4 16
5 Macedon FNC 5 12
6 Riddell FNC 4 8
7 Broadford FNC 4 8
8 Romsey FNC 3 4
9 Diggers Rest FNC 5 0
10 Lancefield FNC 2 0
10 Rockbank FNC 2 0

Week 2 Finals Semi Final

Under 19`s 
Macedon 36 Defeated Wallan 6


Week 1 finals netball results

A Grade

Elimination Final 1

Wallan 46 defeated by Rockbank 48

Goals: Chloe Meulenmeesters 38, Tess Grimmond 4, Matilda Lethlean 4

Best Players; Kym Grant, Tess Grimmond, Chloe Meulenmeesters

B Grade

Elimination Final 2

Wallan 41 Defeated by Romsey   47

Goals: Tayla o`Donnell 23, Kate Bishop 17, Kirstyn Hobbs 1

Under 19`s

Elimination Final

Wallan 28 Defeated Rockbank 18

Goals: Zoe Phillips 25, Maggie Briggs 3

Best Players: Hannah Phillips, Zoe Phillips, Janaya Chamra